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Michael Dyck is a criminal defence lawyer in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He is easy to reach by phone or text to help you quickly with your criminal charges. Michael can help you if you are charged with a criminal offence or a regulatory offence (like the Highway Traffic Act or Wildlife Act). Once you are charged with an offence, you could be facing serious consequences including a criminal record and a criminal sentence. The justice system and criminal law can be confusing, especially if you have never been charged before.

Michael is a Partner with Rees & Dyck Criminal Defence, a criminal law firm in the heart of downtown Winnipeg with a satellite office located in Michael's hometown of Steinbach, Manitoba. Although most of his cases are based in Winnipeg, Michael assists clients throughout the province of Manitoba with a focus in Steinbach.

Michael is pleased to offer all new clients a FREE initial consultation to discuss criminal law or criminal charges. Payment plans can be arranged and Interac (debit), Visa, and Mastercard are all accepted. In some cases, Michael is prepared to accept clients who qualify for Legal Aid. Click here for more info about Legal Aid Manitoba.

Michael has experience and understands how criminal law works and he feels it is important that you understand it too, so that you can make informed decisions. He works with you every step of the way, from the first court appearance to the last. Michael is a strong public speaker and his confidence makes him a strong advocate in the courtroom. Most importantly, he thinks it is important to connect with clients. He takes the time to listen and understand your concerns and goals.

Michael developed his core values by asking clients what they appreciated most about his legal services and why they would refer their friends or family to him. He combined this client feedback with what he felt was the most important. These values help define and guide his day-to-day work and his relationships with clients. Click here to read more about his core values.

Focus on service

  • Answer your phone calls and return messages quickly
  • SMS text / iMessage you for quick updates and questions
  • Meet you in the evening or on weekends when necessary

Help you feel better

  • You will not face court or the charges alone
  • No judgments about you, your background, or the criminal charges
  • Reduce your anxiety by explaining potential consequences

Be honest and friendly

  • Tell you what you need to hear, not just what you want to hear
  • Fees are discussed upfront at your first meeting
  • Professional and friendly attitude to help you feel comfortable

Build legal strategy

  • Determine your short and long-term goals
  • Schedule strategy sessions with you to discuss difficult decisions
  • Give advice but always follow your instructions