Michael was very professional from the beginning of my experience with him. Being 20 years old, this was a very stressful and scary experience for me, but Michael made the process a breeze! He was there 24/7 for any questions I had. Being a first timer, I was not sure where to go or what to do. When I contacted him, I found out his assistant handled the hearing for me! It was great dealing with Michael and in the end, he was able to get my charge dropped just by emailing the Crown Attorney!!! I am very thankful and would use his services again in a heart beat.

Travis B. from Dugald
Client, September 3, 2018

Dealing with Michael has been a pleasure. With all the stressors associated with a charge along with personal issues dealing with divorce and custody, Michael made this process as stress free for me as possible. He took the time to review all aspects and make me feel comfortable dealing with him. He has always been attentive and understanding and would recommend him in the future.

Andrew R. from Winnipeg
Client, August 5, 2018

Being arrested for a DUI is very stressful. Especially if it's your first time (like me). And when you don't know much about how the law works, it can make life seem impossible. With Michael however, that wasn't the case. After meeting with him, the worry and uncertainty disappeared. The care and attention to detail he provided put me at ease throughout the whole process. He was even able to get my charges dropped! I can easily look back and say I'm glad I hired Michael Dyck to represent me. Being charged with a DUI is never fun. If you've been arrested for one, talk to Michael first before pleading guilty. It's worth it!

Justin S. from Winnipeg
Client, July 26, 2018

I am very pleased with the service received from Michael Dyck. He is so compassionate, empathetic, and knowledgeable. I was very concerned and worried about my future. Michael helped me and he was able to have the charges dropped. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Anu M. from Winnipeg
Client, July 25, 2018

At a very difficult time in my life, I needed to find a lawyer and found Michael via the internet. As concerned as I was on that first meeting, Michael made me feel very comfortable. I told him I was worried and he told me “I’ll do the worrying for you.” He was very polite, extremely professional but also compassionate. He is always available when needed at any time either by phone or text. He displays a personal and professional attitude with his clients. When he was assigned to my problems, he dealt with them in the most professional manner. I would highly recommend him to my friends and to anyone who may need a criminal defence lawyer. his clients are extremely lucky to have him on their side.

William B. from West Pine Ridge
Client, July 25, 2018

Having no previous criminal record, I was very concerned and curious about what my future held when I was charged. The thought of going to court and dealing with legal matters was at times overwhelming. After my initial meeting with Michael however, I felt very at ease. He made sure that all of my questions were answered, and presented himself in a professional manner while also displaying a personal interest in me. I believe this is important, for while Michael was indeed professional, I never felt the dynamic of being 'just another client'. I truly felt he was on my side, and no matter what time I texted, emailed, or called, Michael responded in a timely manner. Professional attitude, personal touch, and timely communication - for these reasons, I'd recommend Michael to anyone.

David H. from Brandon
Client, September 21, 2015

I am very pleased with the outcome of my situation in which Michael Dyck provided excellent services. Michael managed to get my conditions removed during the court process and he always immediately answered all of my questions and concerns. Thanks to Michael, I can now carry on with my future goals.

Tyson B. from Winnipeg
Client, January 5, 2015

Michael was a pleasure to work with. He was always reachable and very diligent in responding to emails in a timely matter. Michael’s skills in navigating through the legal system are second to none. Overall, very impressed with his services.

Cal H. from Winnipeg
Social Worker, B.S.W., October 20, 2014

As an Independent Indigenous Gladue Writer, I have written Gladue reports for Michael's clients.  Michael has a passion and commitment for the law which is transferred to his clients.  I have been observing the interaction with his clients that empowers and promotes a genuine partnership.  Michael is a person of character and integrity that inspires trust and confidence with his clients and colleagues.  From an Aboriginal way of being and knowing, Michael follows the 7 teachings and I am honoured and humbeld to have worked with him and look forward to our paths crossing in the near future.

Wahlea Croxen
B.A., M.S.W. Graduand 2013, September 26, 2013

Michael Dyck took quick effective action with my case. He involved me in the process, answered my questions, and shared the possible outcomes with me every step of the way. Michael treated me with a great deal more of compassion than I'd expect from any lawyer.

J. Everitt from Winnipeg
Client, November 18, 2013

Michael Dyck was compassionate and understanding and very thorough in explaining the court/legal matters to me. He represented me very well.

Bev D. from St-Pierre-Jolys
Client, September 13, 2013

Michael Dyck was a great help! My problems went away quickly! I would certainly recommend him to my friends!

Kirk H. from Lac du Bonnet
Client, May 30, 2013

Michael Dyck is understanding, caring and truthful. If you want to feel secure and confident in your well being regarding criminal matters I would strongly recommend Michael Dyck for a solution to your worries.

Marilyn B. from Pine Falls
Client, May 25, 2013

My lawyer helps me get court appearances right away and doesn’t “diddle daddle” his way. He is on top of things right away and knows his job really well, as you can see. I’m free and done with court and jail. He’s the best I’ve had and do consider him a friend as well.

Warren R. from Winnipeg
Client, November 15, 2012

Michael's clients are extremely lucky to have such a smart and hard-working lawyer on their side. This young, energetic and determined lawyer has impressed me with his style, skill and ability to get results.

Anthony (Tony) J. Kavanagh
Senior Defence Lawyer and former Prosecutor (www.kavalaw.ca), September 7, 2012