Focus On Service

I truly believe in providing my clients with excellent service.  I regularly answer phone calls and return voice messages quickly. I know the status of your case and I think you have a right to know too. It is important to connect quickly and efficiently with clients, which is why I encourage you to text me if you want updates on your case or have straightforward questions. Typically, I can respond very quickly to text messages. If we need to discuss something in more detail, we can coordinate a telephone appointment so I can dedicate my time to you. For new clients, it is critical we meet in person as quickly as possible, so I try to schedule meetings within the same week. If I am planning to work late, I would be willing to meet with you after 5pm so you can finish your workday.

Help you feel better

It is normal for you to feel scared or anxious after you are charged with a criminal offence. After all, you are facing consequences and you are possibly clueless about how the criminal justice system works. I think anxiety is often fear of the unknown. I help reduce your anxiety by ensuring you are fully informed and prepared for what will happen next. I take the time to explain how legal procedures work from start to end (like how a first court appearance works) so you can understand and anticipate what will happen next. Many people feel embarrassed or ashamed when they are charged and they do not like to tell their friends or family members. With my help, you do not have to face your charges alone and you have someone to share the burden. After we meet, I will instruct my student to attend court dates together with you and address the court for you. Once I am retained, I may be able to excuse you from attending regular court dates altogether.

Be honest and friendly

 I am straightforward and frank with my clients because I prefer to tell you what you need to hear and not necessarily what you want to hear. I am upfront about my fees so you can anticipate the final costs and budget accordingly. I cannot guarantee you a result, in fact, I do not think any lawyer can. I can guarantee to work hard on your case and uphold my core values. Being charged with a criminal offence is unpleasant, to say the least. My opinion is that dealing with criminal charges is dreadful, there is no reason dealing with your lawyer should be dreadful too. I maintain a positive and friendly attitude with clients to help the process be a little more bearable. Once we get to know each other, I like to use humour to lighten the mood and build relationships. I am a cautious optimist who tries to find the positives in any circumstance. I often say, "Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst."

Build legal strategy

Each criminal law case is different and that means, especially in the beginning, there can be a lot of uncertainty. I can often anticipate what your goals are, but it is still important for me to take the time to ask and prioritize them with you. It is crucial to develop a long-term plan with specific actions if we want to succeed and achieve your goals, sort of like a game of Chess. I create action plans for both clients and myself so we work together towards our goal and I schedule strategy sessions when it is time to discuss difficult decisions. I push myself to find better results by thinking creatively and advancing my position with the prosecutor. For more complex cases, I like to discuss them with my colleagues because a fresh perspective can be valuable. It is my job to provide legal information and advice and it is your job to make an informed decision about how we should proceed. I like to think of it like you in the driver's seat and I am in the passenger's seat holding the map.