On April 1st, Michael Dyck joined the team at Tom Rees Law Corporation. He has promised to bring his dedication to clients, passion for criminal law, and his good-humoured personality. The head of the firm, Mr. Tom Rees, has both experience and respect as a criminal lawyer in the courts in Winnipeg. He has worked closely with several young lawyers to build a strong foundation for his firm to grow and develop. Michael is especially pleased to be joining forces with his former colleague, Carlyn Sarna. If he hasn't done so already, he apologizes to Carlyn for bumping her from her office and promises a lunch at Stella's as an olive branch.

For all of Michael's current clients and new clients as well - don't worry - Michael is still going to be there to answer your phone calls and text messages about criminal law and criminal charges. Although his office has changed, his drive and commitment has not. This website has been updated with the new office address and contact information so you can continue to connect with Michael easily.

Mailing Address

601-225 Vaughan Street
Winnipeg, MB
R3C 1T7

Phone / Fax

(204) 318-6125      Direct to cell phone
(204) 415-5544      Office
1 (800) 210-0966   Fax